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CEUR-WS.org: AI*IA Series

This series contains the proceedings of events organized by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA) or by its members. The AI*IA series provides a comprehensive view of the research activities carried on by the members of the association, expecially the emergent ones.

The rules for submitting volumes to the AI*IA Series are the same as for regular submissions, i.e. should follow the standard procedure. There are only two differences:

  1. Use the AI*IA master index file instead of the standard master index file.
  2. Add the keyword "AI*IA" on the PUT-FORM at the top right.

Volumes of the AI*IA Series at CEUR-WS.org

Vol-2012 Advances in Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence 2017.
Vol-2011 Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for Solving Problems with Combinatorial Explosion 2017.
Vol-2006 Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics 2017.
Vol-1983 Natural Language for Artificial Intelligence 2017.
Vol-1982 Artificial Intelligence with Application in Health 2017.
Vol-1949 Italian Conference on Theoretical Computer Science 2017 and Italian Conference on Computational Logic 2017.
Vol-1915 Probabilistic Logic Programming 2017.
Vol-1895 Artificial Intelligence and Cognition 2016.
Vol-1867 From Objects to Agents 2017.
Vol-1834 Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 2016.
Vol-1803 Artificial Intelligence for Ambient Assisted Living 2016.
Vol-1802 Deep Understanding and Reasoning: A Challenge for Next-generation Intelligent Agents 2016.
Vol-1772 Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage 2016.
Vol-1769 Doctoral Consortium of AI*IA 2016.
Vol-1745 Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for Solving Problems with Combinatorial Explosion 2016.
Vol-1696 Social Media World Sensors 2016.
Vol-1664 From Objects to Agents 2016.
Vol-1645 Italian Conference on Computational Logic 2016.
Vol-1621 Advanced Visual Interfaces for Cultural Heritage 2016.
Vol-1544 Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 2015.
Vol-1510 Artificial Intelligence and Cognition 2015.
Vol-1509 Intelligent Techniques At LIbraries and Archives 2015.
Vol-1493 Italian Workshop on Planning and Scheduling 2015.
Vol-1485 AI*IA 2015 Doctoral Consortium.
Vol-1473 Artificial Intelligence and Design 2015.
Vol-1459 Italian Conference on Computational Logic 2015.
Vol-1451 Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for Solving Problems with Combinatorial Explosion 2015.

The AI*IA Series at CEUR-WS.org is managed by Matteo Baldoni.
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