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Proceedings of the

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22nd International Workshop on
Description Logics (DL2009)

Oxford, UK
July 27–30, 2009

Edited by

Bernardo Cuenca Grau *
Ian Horrocks *
Boris Motik *
Ulrike Sattler **

* Oxford University, UK
** University of Manchester, UK

Table of Contents

Disclaimer. The papers presented at the DL09 workshop are stored at CEUR-WS.org for archiving purposes, only. As with previous DL workshops, DL09 papers are not intended to be a formal publication and should not preclude conference publication.

Invited Talk

  1. Open and Closed World Assumptions in Data Exchange
    Leonid Libkin
  2. OWL Reasoning in the Real World: Searching for Godot
    Kavitha Srinivas
  3. Global Caching, Inverse Roles and Fixpoint Logics
    Rajeev Goré

Oral Presentation

  1. A Combination of Boolean Games with Description Logics for Automated Multi-Attribute Negotiation
    Thomas Lukasiewicz and Azzurra Ragone.
  2. A Comparison of Query Rewriting Techniques for DL-lite
    Héctor Pérez-Urbina, Boris Motik and Ian Horrocks.
  3. A Tableaux-based Method for Computing Least Common Subsumers for Expressive Description Logics
    Francesco M. Donini, Simona Colucci, Tommaso Di Noia and Eugenio Di Sciascio.
  4. Adding Weight to DL-Lite
    Alessandro Artale, Diego Calvanese, Roman Kontchakov and Michael Zakharyaschev.
  5. An Extension of Regularity Conditions for Complex Role Inclusion Axioms
    Yevgeny Kazakov.
  6. Axiom Pinpointing is Hard
    Rafael Peñaloza and Baris Sertkaya.
  7. Building Ontologies Collaboratively Using ContentCVS
    Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks and Rafael Berlanga.
  8. Combined FO Rewritability for Conjunctive Query Answering in DL-Lite
    Roman Kontchakov, Carsten Lutz, David Toman, Frank Wolter and Michael Zakharyaschev.
  9. Conjunctive Query Entailment: Decidable in Spite of O, I, and Q
    Birte Glimm and Sebastian Rudolph.
  10. Consequence-Driven Reasoning for Horn SHIQ Ontologies
    Yevgeny Kazakov.
  11. DL-Lite without UNA
    Alessandro Artale, Diego Calvanese, Roman Kontchakov and Michael Zakharyaschev.
  12. Effective Query Rewriting with Ontologies over DBoxes (extended abstract)
    Inanç Seylan, Enrico Franconi and Jos de Bruijn.
  13. Exploiting Partial Information in Taxonomy Construction
    Rob Shearer, Ian Horrocks and Boris Motik.
  14. Extending DL-Lite Sometime in the Future
    Alessandro Artale, Roman Kontchakov, Vladislav Ryzhikov and Michael Zakharyaschev.
  15. Fair Cycle Detection using Description Logic Reasoning
    Shoham Ben-David, Jeffrey Pound, Richard Trefler, Dmitry Tsarkov and Grant Weddell.
  16. Forgetting and uniform interpolation in extensions of the description logic EL
    Boris Konev, Dirk Walther and Frank Wolter.
  17. Importing Ontologies with Hidden Content
    Bernardo Cuenca Grau and Boris Motik.
  18. Lemmas for Justifications in OWL
    Matthew Horridge, Bijan Parsia and Ulrike Sattler.
  19. Modelling Object Typicality in Description Logics
    Arina Britz, Johannes Heidema and Tommie Meyer.
  20. On Correspondences between Probabilistic First-Order and Description Logics
    Pavel Klinov, Bijan Parsia and Ulrike Sattler.
  21. On Higher-Order Description Logics
    Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini and Riccardo Rosati.
  22. Optimizing Reasoning with Qualified Number Restrictions in SHQ
    Nasim Farsiniamarj and Volker Haarslev.
  23. Query Answering over DL ABoxes: How to Pick the Relevant Symbols
    Franz Baader, Meghyn Bienvenu, Carsten Lutz and Frank Wolter.
  24. Reasoning About Typicality in ALC and EL
    Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti and Gian Luca Pozzato.
  25. Relativizing Concept Descriptions to Comparison Classes
    Szymon Klarman and Stefan Schlobach.
  26. Revision of DL-Lite Knowledge Bases
    Zhe Wang, Kewen Wang and Rodney Topor.
  27. Terminating Tableaux for SOQ with Number Restrictions on Transitive Roles
    Mark Kaminski and Gert Smolka.
  28. A System for Retrieving Top-k Candidates to Job Positions
    Umberto Straccia, Eufemia Tinelli, Simona Colucci, Tommaso Di Noia and Eugenio Di Sciascio.
  29. Tractable Query Answering over Ontologies with Datalog+/-
    Andrea Calì, Georg Gottlob and Thomas Lukasiewicz.
  30. Unification in the Description Logic EL
    Franz Baader and Barbara Morawska.
  31. Using Description Logics in Relation Based Access Control
    Rui Zhang, Alessandro Artale, Fausto Giunchiglia and Bruno Crispo
  32. Validating Process Refinement with Ontologies
    Yuan Ren, Gerd Gröner, Jens Lemcke, Tirdad Rahmani, Andreas Friesen, Yuting Zhao, Jeff Z. Pan and Steffen Staab.
  33. What Happened to Bob? Semantic Data Mining of Context Histories
    Michael Wessel, Marko Luther and Ralf Möller.
  34. Which Kind of Module Should I Extract?
    Ulrike Sattler, Thomas Schneider and Michael Zakharyaschev.

Poster Presentation

  1. A Conflict-based Operator for Mapping Revision
    Guilin Qi, Qiu Ji and Peter Haase.
  2. A Framework for Reasoning with Expressive Continuous Fuzzy Description Logics
    Giorgos Stoilos and Giorgos Stamou.
  3. A Matter of Principles: Towards the Largest DLP Possible
    Markus Krötzsch and Sebastian Rudolph.
  4. A Resolution Based Description Logic Calculus
    Zsolt Zombori and Gergely Lukácsy.
  5. A Semantic Algebra for Modularized Description Logics Knowledge Bases
    Krzysztof Goczyła, Wojciech Waloszek and Aleksander Waloszek.
  6. A Tableaux-based calculus for Abduction in Expressive Description Logics: Preliminary Results
    Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio and Francesco M. Donini.
  7. Algebraic Tableau Algorithm for ALCOQ
    Jocelyne Faddoul, Volker Haarslev and Ralf Möller.
  8. An Argumentative Semantics for Paraconsistent Reasoning in Description Logic ALC
    Xiaowang Zhang, Zhihu Zhang and Zuoquan Lin.
  9. An Only Knowing Approach to Defeasible Description Logics (extended abstract)
    Espen H. Lian and Arild Waaler
  10. Belief Contraction in the Description Logic EL
    Zhi Qiang Zhuang and Maurice Pagnucco.
  11. Completeness Guaranteed Approximations for OWL-DL Query Answering
    Jeff Z. Pan, Edward Thomas and Yuting Zhao.
  12. Concept Projection in Algebras for Computing Certain Answer Descriptions
    Jeffrey Pound, David Toman, Grant Weddell and Jiewen Wu.
  13. Explaining by Example: Model Exploration for Ontology Comprehension
    Johannes Bauer, Ulrike Sattler and Bijan Parsia.
  14. Exponential Speedup in UL Subsumption Checking relative to general TBoxes for the Constructive Semantics
    Michael Mendler and Stephan Scheele.
  15. Filling the gap between OWL 2 QL and QuOnto: ROWLKit
    Claudio Corona, Marco Ruzzi and Domenico Fabio Savo.
  16. Formalizing Multimedia Interpretation based on Abduction over Description Logic Aboxes
    Sofia Espinosa Peraldi, Atila Kaya and Ralf Möller.
  17. Generalized Closed World Reasoning in Description Logics with Extended Domain Closure
    Oliver Gries.
  18. Model-Based Most Specific Concepts in Some Inexpressive Description Logics
    Felix Distel.
  19. OntoComP System Description
    Baris Sertkaya.
  20. Quasi-Classical Semantics for Expressive Description Logics
    Xiaowang Zhang, Guilin Qi, Yue Ma and Zuoquan Lin.
  21. Reasoning With Weighted Ontologies
    Rafael Peñaloza.
  22. Reintroducing CEL as an OWL 2 EL Reasoner
    Julian Mendez and Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn.
  23. Soundness Preserving Approximation for TBox Reasoning in R
    Yuan Ren, Jeff Z. Pan and Yuting Zhao.
  24. Testing Provers on a Grid -- Framework Description
    Carlos Areces, Daniel Gorín, Alejandra Lorenzo and Mariano Pérez Rodríguez.

08-Jul-2009: submitted by Bernardo Cuenca Grau
08-Jul-2009: published on CEUR-WS.org