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ICT in Education, Research and Industrial Applications: Integration, Harmonization and Knowledge Transfer

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on ICT in Education, Research and Industrial Applications: Integration, Harmonization and Knowledge Transfer

Kherson, Ukraine, June 6-10, 2012.

Edited by

Vadim Ermolayev *
Heinrich C. Mayr **
Mykola Nikitchenko ***
Aleksander Spivakovsky ****
Grygoriy Zholtkevych *****
Mikhail Zavileysky ******
Vitaliy Kobets *******

* Zaporozhye National University, Ukraine
** Alpen-Adria-Universitat Klagenfurt, Austria
*** Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
**** Kherson State University, Ukraine
***** V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
****** DataArt Solutions Inc., Russian Federation
******* Kherson State University, Ukraine

Table of Contents


    Invited Talks

  1. Formal Foundations for RDF Evolution and Repair 12
    Grigoris Antoniou
  2. Abstraction and Verification of Properties of a Real-Time Java 13
    Martin Strecker
  3. I.II Knowledge Based and Decision Support Systems. Papers invited from UNISCON 2012

  4. An Implementation of Agent-Based Ontology Alignment 15
    Maxim Davidovsky, Vadim Ermolayev, Vyacheslav Tolok
  5. I.III ICT in Research, Industrial Deployment, and Knowledge Transfer

  6. Towards the Notion of an Abstract Quantum Automaton 17-32
    Mizal Alobaidi, Andriy Batyiev, Grygoriy Zholtkevych
  7. Checking Inconsistencies in UML Design 33-43
    Iryna Zaretska, Oleksandra Kulankhina, Hlib Mykhailenko, Roman Kovalenko
  8. Automatic Tests and Practical Tasks Generation in Distance Learning Systems 44-55
    Dmytro Kravtsov
  9. Satisfiability Problem in Composition-Nominative Logics of Quantifier-Equational Level 56-70
    Mykola S. Nikitchenko, Valentyn G. Tymofieiev
  10. Efficient Algorithm for Reachability Checking in Modeling 71-81
    Alexander Letichevsky, Olexander Letychevskyi, Vladimir Peschanenko
  11. The Information System as a Tool to Manage R&D at the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine 82-95
    Natalya Zadorozhna, Basyl Petrushko, Sergey Tukalo
  12. Maintainability Metrics of UML Design 96-101
    Iryna Zaretska, Maryna Besedina
  13. Combinatorial Strand Algebra in Insertion Modeling System 102-111
    Dmitriy M. Klionov
  14. An Approach to Parallelizing Fortran Programs using Rewriting Rules Technique 112-120
    Anatoliy Doroshenko, Kostiantyn Zhereb
  15. Conceptualization of University Structure as a Complex Mechanism Serving Educational Interests 121-127
    Aleksander Spivakovsky, Lyudmila Alferova, Eugene Alferov
  16. On the Problem of Multi-Channel Communication 128-133
    Michal Nagy
  17. KSU Feedback Service as a Tool for Getting Feedback in Educational Institutions. Perspectives of Use in Government Organizations and Commercial Companies 134-146
    Dmitry Kutetsky, Valentina Gritsyuk
  18. Issues of Model-Based Distributed Data Processing: Higher Education Resources Evaluation Case Study 134-146
    Olga Cherednichenko, Olga Yangolenko, Iryna Liutenko
  19. Tested Approach for Variability Management Enhancing in Software Product Line 155-162
    Andrii Kolesnyk, Olga Slabospitskaya
  20. I.IV Methodological and Didactical Aspects of Teaching ICT and Using ICT in Education

  21. Motivating Students and Improving Quality of Learning Using Peer-Reviews 164-175
    Vadim Ermolayev, Natalya Keberle, Sergey Borue
  22. Approach to E-Learning Fundamental Aspects of Software Engineering 176-187
    Ekaterina Lavrischeva, Alexei Ostrovski, Igor Radetskiy
  23. Choosing the First Educational Programming Language 188-198
    Vladyslav Kruglyk, Michael Lvov
  24. Creation of Multimedia Guides to the History of Music as a Means to form Professional Competence of Future Music Teachers 199-206
    Lyudmila Gavrilova
  25. An Experience of the Creation and Approbation of the Learning Course “NIT and TFE” for Future Teachers 207-214
    Nataliya Kushnir, Anna Manzhula
  26. Scientific and Educational Project “IT-OSVITA” as a Part of the Training System of Specialists for the Needs of IT Industry of Ukraine 215-221
    Ganna Lomakovska, Nadiya Omelchenko, and Galyna Protsenko
  27. Teaching Conceptual Modeling in ER: Chen Worlds 222-227
    Natalya G. Keberle, Ivan V. Utkin
  28. Training of Future Primary School Teachers for Application of ICT at Language Lessons 228-235
    Inna Khizhnyak
  29. The Usage of Educational Portal for Distance Learning 236-242
    Tatyana Zaytseva
  30. I.V Advances in Knowledge-Based and Information Systems. Selected ICTERI 2012 papers invited to UNISCON 2012

  31. OntoElect Approach for Iterative Ontology Refinement: a Case Study with ICTERI Scope Ontology 244
    Olga Tatarintseva, Yuriy Borue, Vadim Ermolayev
  32. An Advanced Active Data Dictionary Based Framework for Flexible Corporate Systems 245
    Maxim Davidovsky, Gennadiy Dobrovolsky, Olga Todoriko, Vladimir Davidovsky

    II.I First International Workshop on Dynamics and Evolution in Intelligent Systems (DEIS)

  34. Foreword 248
    Costin Badica, Vadim Ermolayev, Vagan Terziyan
  35. Quality of an Ontology as a Dynamic Optimisation Problem 249-256
    Michael Cochez, Vagan Terziyan
  36. II.II First International Workshop on Integration of Information Technologies in Economic Research (ITER)

  37. Foreword 258
    Vitaliy Kobets, Sergey Kryukov, Tanya Payentko
  38. Direct and Indirect Impact Analysis of Ukrainian Industries on Gross Output and Labor Market in Leontief Model 259-266
    Vitaliy Kobets
  39. Econometric Analysis of Factors which Determine a Choice of Entrants 267-272
    A. Khristenko, A. J. Weissblut
  40. II.III Workshop on Algebraic, Logical, and Algorithmic Methods of System Modeling, Specification and Verification (SMSV)

  41. Foreword 274
    Martin Strecker, Mykola Nikitchenko, Vladimir Peschanenko
  42. A Case Study in Combining Formal Verification and Model-Driven Engineering 275-289
    Selma Djeddai, Mohamed Mezghiche, Martin Strecker
  43. Intelligent Testing in Kyiv: Analytical and Deductive Paradigms and their Implementation 290-295
    Vitaly Klimenko, Alexander Lyaletski
  44. Semantics-based Logics over Hierarchical Nominative Data 296-311
    M(N).S. Nikitchenko, S.S. Shkilniak
  45. On Existence of Global-in-Time Trajectories of Non-deterministic Markovian Systems 312-320
    Ievgen Ivanov
  46. Verification of Systems: Deadlock Analysis Based on Petri Nets 321-343
    Stefan Hudak
  47. Decomposition and Isomorphism of Logical Systems 344-351
    Jan Baca

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