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International Workshop on Biological Processes & Petri Nets

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Biological Processes & Petri Nets

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, June 20, 2011.

Edited by

Monika Heiner *
Hiroshi Matsuno **

* Brandenburg University of Technology at Cottbus, Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science, D-03013 Cottbus, Germany
** Yamaguchi University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, 753-8512 Yamaguchi, Japan

Table of Contents

    Invited Talk

  1. Systems Biology in Supercomputing Environment 6
    Satoru Miyano
  2. Session A: Modelling

  3. Optimal Control of Asynchronous Boolean Networks Modeled by Petri Nets 7-20
    Koichi Kobayashi, Kunihiko Hiraishi
  4. GReg : a Domain Specific Language for the Modeling of Genetic Regulatory Mechanisms 21-35
    Nicolas Sedlmajer, Didier Buchs, Steve Hostettler, Alban Linard, Edmundo Lopez, Alexis Marechal
  5. Modelling Reaction Systems with Petri Nets 36-52
    Jetty Kleijn, Maciej Koutny, Grzegorz Rozenberg
  6. Session B: Analysis

  7. Parameter Estimation of Biological Pathways Using Data Assimilation and Model Checking 53-70
    Chen Li, Keisuke Kuroyanagi, Masao Nagasaki, Satoru Miyano
  8. Studying Steady States in Biochemical Reaction Systems by Time Petri Nets 71-86
    Louchka Popova-Zeugmann, Elisabeth Pelz
  9. Two Modeling Methods for Signaling Pathways with Multiple Signals using UPPAAL 87-101
    Shota Nakano, Shingo Yamaguchi
  10. Session C: Applications

  11. MPath2PN - Translating Metabolic Pathways into Petri Nets 102-116
    Paolo Baldan, Nicoletta Cocco, Francesco De Nes, Merce Llabres Segura, Andrea Marin, Marta Simeoni
  12. Pain Signaling - A Case Study of the Modular Petri Net Modeling Concept with Prospect to a Protein-Oriented Modeling Platform 117-134
    Mary Ann Blaetke, Sonja Meyer, Wolfgang Marwan
  13. Multi-cell Modelling Using Coloured Petri Nets Applied to Planar Cell Polarity 135-150
    Qian Gao, Fei Liu, David Tree, David Gilbert

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09-Jun-2011: submitted by Hiroshi Matsuno
11-Jun-2011: published on CEUR-WS.org