GraphiCon 2020
Computer Graphics and Machine Vision

Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Machine Vision

Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 22-25, 2020.

Edited by

Sergei Bykovskii *
Pavel Kustarev *
Dmitry Mouromtsev *

* ITMO University, Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, 197101 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Table of Contents

Session 1: Invited Talks

Session 2: Intelligent Solutions in Computer Graphics

Session 3: Scientific Visualization and Visual Analytics

Session 4: Computer Vision

Session 5: Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis

Session 6: Digital Earth and Big Data

Session 7: Geometric Modelling. Computer Graphics in education

Session 8: Computer Graphics in Materials Science, Lighting Engineering and Design

Session 9: Design Automation (CAD), Training Software and Simulators

Session 10: Computational Optics and Optical Design

Session 11: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Technology and Robotics

Session 12: Architecture and Design of Computer Graphics and Machine Intelligence Systems

2020-12-09: submitted by Dmitry Mouromtsev, metadata incl. bibliographic data published under Creative Commons CC0
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