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EuroPLoP 2009
14th Annual European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming

EuroPLoP 2009: 14th Annual European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming

Irsee, Germany, July 8-12, 2009.

Edited by

Allan Kelly *, allan@allankelly.net
Michael Weiss **, weiss@sce.carleton.ca

* Software Strategy Ltd.
** Carleton University, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Ottawa, Canada

Table of Contents

Workshop A "Alexander"

Workshop Leader: Andreas Fießer

  1. Junkies Like Us -- Finding Your Way Through The Collaborative Web (not submitted for proceedings)
    Andreas Rüping
  2. Enterprise Architecture Management Patterns for Enterprise Architecture Visioning
    Sabine Buckl, Alexander M. Ernst, Florian Matthes, Christian M. Schweda
  3. Roles in a Software Project
    Andreas Fießer
  4. Applied Pattern for Strategy Management of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc Program
    Yanka Todorova, Petko Ruskov, Elissaveta Gourova, Mark Harris
  5. Performance of Open Source Projects
    Michael Weiss

Workshop B "Buckminster Fuller"

Workshop Leaders: Uwe Zdun, Paris Avgeriou and Neil Harrison

  1. The Role of Analysis Patterns in Systems Analysis
    Anna Bobkowska, Jakub Grabowski
  2. A service for software pattern selection
    Aliaksandr Birukou, Michael Weiss
  3. Applying Architectural Patterns for Parallel Programming: Solving the One-dimensional Heat Equation
    Jorge L. Ortega-Arjona
  4. Towards Formalized Adaptation Patterns for Adaptive Interactive Systems
    Matthias Bezold
  5. A Pattern driven Approach against Architectural Knowledge Vaporization
    Uwe van Heesch, Paris Avgeriou
  6. Reusable Architectural Decisions for DSL Design: Foundational Decisions in DSL Projects
    Uwe Zdun, Mark Strembeck

Workshop C "Le Corbusier"

Workshop Leader: Allan Kelly

  1. A Pattern Vocabulary for Product Distribution
    Allan Kelly
  2. Business Patterns for Knowledge audit implementation
    Albena Antonova, Elissaveta Gourova
  3. Applying Distributed Development Patterns
    Lise B. Hvatum
  4. Business Plan Conception Pattern Language
    Wim Laurier, Pavel Hruby, Geert Poels
  5. Software Design Reviews
    Nora Ludewig

Workshop D "DaVinci"

Workshop Leader: Christian Kohls

  1. Design Patterns for Creativity
    Petros Georgiakakis, Symeon Retalis
  2. PLITS:A Pattern Language for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    Dina Salah, Amir Zeid
  3. Adaptive Patterns for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    Dina Salah, Amir Zeid
    Note: This paper was originally submitted with the preceding paper as one paper and split following workshop review.
  4. A Pattern Language for Online Trainings
    Christian Kohls
  5. Patterns for Handling Students' Feedback
    Axel Schmolitzky, Till Schümmer
  6. Pattern for Graduate Student Company Life Cycle
    Petko Ruskov, Milena Stoycheva, Yanka Todorova

Workshop E "Eames"

Workshop Leader: Dietmar Schütz

  1. Patterns for Product Line Engineering
    Christa Schwanninger, Michael Kircher
  2. Reverse Variability Engineering
    Dietmar Schütz
  3. Digital Signature with Hashing and XML Signature patterns
    Keiko Hashizume, Eduardo B. Fernandez, Shihong Huang
  4. Dealing With Complexity
    Klaus Marquardt
  5. Variability Patterns
    Markus Voelter
  6. A Pattern Language of Black-Box Test Design for Reactive Software Systems
    Alain-G. Vouffo Feudjio, Ina Schieferdecker

Workshop F "Foster"

Workshop Leader: Tim Wellhausen

  1. A Good Fort has a Gap
    Arto Juhola
  2. Towards a Pattern Language which Supports the Migration of Systems from an ET/P to a TTC Software Architecture
    Michael Pont, Farah Lakhani, Anjali Das
  3. Invocation Flow Lines: Patterns of Invocation and Message Processing in Object Remoting Middleware
    Stefan Sobernig, Uwe Zdun
  4. Hierarchical Property Loader
    Tim Wellhausen, Martin Wagner, Gerhard Müller
  5. Software Architecture Patterns for Distributed Embedded Control System
    Veli-Pekka Eloranta, Johannes Koski, Marko Leppänen, Ville Reijonen
  6. Two Simple Patterns to Support the Development of Reliable, Real-time Embedded Systems (not submitted for proceedings)
    Anjali Das, Farah N. Lakhani, Ayman K. Gendy, Michael J. Pont

Focus Group and Open Space reports

  1. Summary of the open session on pattern selection and pattern repositories
    Aliaksandr Birukou (editor)

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